Curling up in God's lap

So I absolutely love when God just totally sends you a “Woah” moment when you need it. Today at work, I was trying to get the two year old to go to sleep. I had been battling with him for about 30 minutes already which had consisted of him running around, screaming and crying, kicking me, and it ended in me having to spank him. After I spanked him he curled up on the other end of the bed and cried, giving me an awful look for a while. Then, all of the sudden, he crawled up next to me and gave me and hug and grabbed my hand. About 5 minutes later, the two year old that had just been so out of control was sleeping peacefully with his hand in mine.

I just sat there for a second and thought about my relationship with God and how it reminded me so much of the relationship between a child and a parent. It has been a pretty long and rough week for me. I’ve had to work every day this week, the boys have been cranky, the people I work for just bought a cat and I discovered I am crazy allergic to cats, you name it, and its gone wrong this week. And I’ll be honest, for some reason, when everything in my life gets crazy, I don’t make my God times a priority, and this week has been no exception. I don’t know about you, but sometimes after I know I’ve messed up, I’m a little afraid to come back to God. Even after I see the consequences of whatever my mess up was, I still don’t want to admit my failure. I want to try to clean it up myself first, and then come back to God like nothing bad happened. It’s a little bit of a pride thing, but its more about how I hate thinking that I have disappointed anyone, especially God. I mean, after all he did for me, how awful is it of me to not make time for him in my week and then get upset when I think he is making me go through a rough time?

But then I thought about how I felt when that precious two year old reached for my hand. I didn’t remember how upset I was just 5 minutes before when he kicked me in the face, or how frustrated I was when I had to spank him. I was relieved that he had decided to come back and let me hug him and help him go to sleep. I think God is the same way with us. He doesn’t want to say I told you so or punish you anymore once you come around. He just wants to hold your hand and hug you. He is relieved that you are back to trusting him to know what is best for you. He wants to pick you up like a little child, kiss you on the forehead, and tuck you in surrounded by his peace, love, and mercy. Sure, sometimes there will be consequences, but he will be there to help you through those as well. Such a sweet reminder that God isn’t a big know-it all sitting up in the sky, ready to strike us down as soon as we mess up. He’s a loving father who wants what is best for his children and he is relieved when we come back to him.

So I don’t know where you are today, but as you read this, I hope you just imagined yourself curled up in your heavenly father’s lap :-)

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