Don't Be an Elephant

     So I am pretty sure that we would all agree that Elephants are pretty strong animals. Farmers in Asia use Elephants to do a lot of their work for them because of this strength. But have you ever thought about how they keep those Elephants from getting away? Well, me neither until I read this story. You would think it would be a pretty big problem right? Well, it’s not. All the owners do is take a wooden post and stick it in the ground, then tie a rope to the post and to the Elephants leg. I know what you’re thinking; I mean, most of us could just yank that post right out of the ground, much less an Elephant! But as long as that Elephant is tied down to that post, he will stay put. That rope, although weak compared to the strength of the Elephant, completely keeps the Elephant in that spot. Sounds like elephants are pretty stupid right? I mean the only thing keeping that Elephant from freedom is a tiny rope.

     But ya know what; we are kind of like those elephants! We have so much potential to have a huge impact on this world for Christ! But just like the Elephant, we allow ourselves to be shackled! We are shackled by many things. I know what the big shackles in my life are: Fear- I mean, nobody wants to be different. If I stand up for Christ, what if someone asks me a question I can’t answer. It’s not like this is high school, some of the people/teachers I am around are really smart. A lot smarter than me… I couldn’t explain my faith in a way that would make sense to them; they would just turn it around and make me look stupid so why bother… Selfishness- I have so much going on with school and homework, church, stuff I am involved in on campus, relationships… I just don’t have a lot of time to go try to make a difference right now. Once I get through school I can do all this stuff in my job to be a witness for Christ. Yeah, later… I am just really busy right now…
     If the Christians in our nation would stand up and grow a passion for God, you can’t even imagine what we could accomplish! Don’t think you are worthy or capable, join the club… But look at the people God used in the Bible! Josiah became king when he was 8years old! God chose Mary, a teenage girl, to give birth to his one and only son! Moses killed a man and then couldn’t even speak correctly. David not only got another woman pregnant, but he tried to cover it up by killing her husband. And those are only a few examples of how God has used people who were totally inadequate. Remember the disciples, and how they were all tortured? Many of them died for Christ. WE HAVE THE SAME FAITH TODAY THAT THEY DIED FOR! For some reason, we act like the God of today is less powerful. God doesn’t change. He is just as strong and amazing as He was in the Bible, so what’s the difference?? I think it’s the Christians. We aren’t sold out like they were…. This country… well, this world is in desperate need for God, and we can do something about that!

The beautiful thing about all of this is that despite our failure, God loves us… His will is going to be carried out… are you going to be part of it?

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