I'm Baaaaccckkk :-)

So I haven't blogged since December...don't judge me. Turns out having a wedding, moving to a new apartment, starting school again, trying to figure out marriage, and helping serve in a church plant makes for a busy life. However, my New Year's resolution was to blog more (oops) and I really feel like it is something God wants me to be doing at this point in my life, so be prepared for more posts...hopefully. :-)

If you have ever looked at my blog before, you are probably noticing it looks a little different. I gave it a makeover :-)

Soooo life catch up, I'm a junior in school and I'm married now :-) We are a part of a new church plant that is a part of Central Baptist called the Journey Campus. I'm still baby-sitting Sadie, which is as fun and interesting as ever, and Matt is now not only working at the Alumni Office on campus, but also as an intern at the Journey Campus. I'm also currently doing, well finishing up really, a 10-day prayer plan called "Take Your Man to Jesus" with a few amazing friends, Heather Patterson (view Heather's blog) , Sarah Stevenson-soon to be Miller (view Sarah's blog)  and Meagan Pearson (view Meagan's blog) . It has been amazing and I'm sure there will be a blog about it soon ;-)

Matt and I are doing this bible reading plan together (well, we are reading seperately but we are doing the same plan) that goes through the Bible in a year. We figured there is no better way to start off our marriage than to compeltely cover it with scripture, and although it is hard to keep up with it sometimes, I am learning a lot. In fact, I'm really not sure which thing I want to blog about first.

Now to explain the new layout of the blog :-) I felt it was appropriate since I was starting a new phase of life. Plus, God has really laid Psalm 19:14 on my heart as a verse to live by. It says, "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." Something you really learn in marriage is how everything you say can affect someone else. Like James says, the tongue has the power to set relationships on fire, and once they are set on fire, it is hard to put out. The Bible says that our words are an overflow of our heart. This has really convicted me lately. Whenever I say negative things (whether it is in a joking manner or not) those things had to come from somewhere-my heart. I want the meditation of my heart to be pleasing to God so the words of my mouth will be as well. That's my challenge to myself right now, or I guess, God's challenge to me, so I decided that I wanted my blog to be an example of my pleasing meditations to him. And those times when I'm not pleasing and He has to whip me back into shape the hard way.

I'm so excited to see what God is going to be teaching me, using me, and how He is going to grow me. So anyways, it will be a crazy journey, but you are welcome to come along for the ride ;-)


  1. You are so precious & I am a very happy girl to know you :) Love you & I'm so glad that you're blogging again!

  2. Mee too :-)
    I've been putting it off because of busy-ness, but I have had soooo much I've wanted to blog about, so I just decided to revamp the blog and start fresh :-)
    Love you!