So I'm a big old testament fan...like its a little wierd. I think its just because I like the stories. They feel almost like a story book, except they are real and I love just curling up with a cup of coffee and digging into it. To think about all the stuff God has done and the history of our faith is just amazing to me! But I'm getting off subject...

Sometimes though, I find myself wondering why we don't see God act in huge ways like he we saw in the old testament. Then I realized its not that God doesn't show up, its that I am too busy to notice when he is doing amazing things right in front of me. So I'm not really sure what this blog is specifically going to be about, but hopefully I won't lose you along the way :-)

First of all, as many of you know, Matt has had some health issues in the past. Basically, he didn't have an immune system. (Primary Immune Deficiency Disease) When we first started dating, this is something that worried me a lot. I have always really stuggled with worry and fear and the possibility of ending up with someone who is more vulnerable to sickness really scared me. It really took me down a road where I really examined how weak my faith was. To be completely honest, when Matt told me about it, I started thinking of ways to let him down easy. I mean, there was no way God would call me, a girl constantly worried about something, to be with a man with this kind of vulnerability. But everytime I would pray and seek God about the situation (which was a lot that first few weeks lol) I would just be filled with this overwhelming peace, and I just knew I didn't have to worry about Matt, because God was holding Matt in his hands and he could do a much better job of taking care of him than I can. Basically, my faith increased tremendously because of the situation. I learned that believing IN God and actually BELIEVING GOD are often very different things, and that true faith requires us believing God and his promises. Now I'm not talking about that blind faith, I'm taling about faith where you examine the situation and realize the severity of the situation, but you trust that God has a plan and that whatever happens is to your good, whether you understand how it is to your good or not (Romans 8)

A while back Matt had gone to get his immune system check up. A few weeks ago, his doctor called him with the results. She then told Matt that she couldn't really explain these results, but that his tests showed that basically (I will spare you the medical junk, mainly because I would probably explain it wrong) HE WAS CURED!!!! He no longer has to be on medicine, and he has a fairly normal immune system. HOW BIG IS OUR GOD?!

The crazy thing is, I had never even prayed that God would heal Matt. It's not that I wouldn't have thought God could do it, but asking him for something so big and crazy never crossed my mind. I just sat in my room for a while that afternoon crying tears of joy, completely overwhelmed by the power of our God. So many times I have wondered why God doesn't show up like he did in the Bible, and then what does he do? He throws a miracle in my lap to bless me, just because he can. In fact, I like to think of it as our wedding present from God :-)

SO back to what I originally started to write this blog about... Joshua 1.
Since our little miracle :-) I've been trying to pain attention to how God is working in our world everyday. I think we just get so busy, we miss out on so much (but thats another blog for another time ;-) )

I was reading Johsua 1 last night, and the Journey Campus came to my mind. Joshua was sent into a land that God with the promise that God would give it to the people and do great things. God told Joshua not to be afraid or discouraged, because He would be right with them and He would bless them and make their mission prosperous.

I'm really praying this passage over the Journey Campus. I believe that God is sending us in the direction of this new campus because He wants to do great things through us. Sure, its a little scary, change always is. But God is with us, so we are to approach this opportunity with the strength and courage we have through him! I'm so pumped about being a part of this new campus and so blessed to have such an amazing church family and I can't wait to see where God takes us :-)

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  1. I love your blog & I am so excited for what God has in store for the Journey Campus! See you Thursday pretty lady :)